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9/11 SYNCHRONICITY: We Are Change interviews Richard Grove When we attended the New England 9/11 Truth Symposium in Keane, NH on May 17, 2008... we expected to meet some new people, get some footage of the presenters, maybe even an interview... but what you're about to see is something unplanned, unscripted... and based upon the initiative of a We Are Change (Colorado) filmmaker named Jonathan Elinoff... who had heard Project Constellation (http://www.8thestate.com/project_constellation ) and insisted that regardless of my unpreparedness, that I let him ask me some questions on camera.

What came out of that insistence, is something which will help you see behind the myths of 9/11, straight through to the corporations, politicians, and dirty executives behind the coordination, planning, perpetration, and profiteering from the worst Terrorist Attack ever to happen in America.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble downloading; this interview can be found here: http://exposureroom.com/members/8thestate.aspx/assets/289a7b621eb447e581bfe61b164442a4/

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(To download the interview, click the link below)
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8th Estate Public Media and Research presents:

"A Film To End All Wars!" (Volume 1)


"This film is Part 1 in a series. Composed to raise awareness and support for our First Responders, Soldiers, and other Heroes currently suffering...dying to get your attention."

Our Art is provided as a Public Service, for Educational, Research, and Public Awareness; you can download all of our publications for free by visiting:
http://renaissance.libsyn.com (mp4 download) or subscribing via iTunes (search 8thestate or 8th Estate Media & Research)

THIS FILM IS NOT FOR SALE, this was provided to you at our own expense, because if you could afford this information, you'd already have it. Right? A Film To End All Wars exposes the true root causes behind the business of war, which will continue until We the People decide to inform ourselves, to think critically, and to take action by voting with our dollars.

www.8thestate.com | www.meria.net | www.divergentfilms.com


As of 07/22/08 A Film to End ALL Wars! raised almost $1000 for first responders, veterans, and AWOL soldiers... we are extending the offer expressed in the film... Anyone who donates $50 or more to IVAW.org, CouragetoResist.org or Fealgoodfoundation.com can send us their receipt(s) and we will send you a DVD of AFTEAWars! at our own expense. Since the strategy to put the film out for free and direct the audience to these worthwhile foundations has been so successful, we posted the film here to XR and embedded it on WE ARE CHANGE.org and 9/11 Blogger.com; hoping that this new audience (beyond our traditional podcast audience) will raise even more $ in this extended offer (starting 7/23/08).

THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN, and NOT DROPPING OUT... our heroes need your support!

Doing Anything right now is better than nothing... we're all learning new skills, meeting new people, experiencing the world in a whole new way You're not alone, and only together do we have a chance to resolve the consequences of our Apathy as Americans. Pass it on.

America is looking for Heroes our first line of defense (First Responders, Iraq Veterans Against the War, AWOL Soldiers with the Courage to Resist) are calling on We, The People Will you answer the call by making a call yourself?

If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them. (Senator Paul Wellstone)

What do you stand for? TAKE ACTION NOW!



Lisa & Rich

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