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Aug 2, 2008

When we attended the New England 9/11 Truth Symposium in Keane, NH on May 17, 2008... we expected to meet some new people, get some footage of the presenters, maybe even an interview... but what you're about to see is something unplanned, unscripted... and based upon the initiative of a We Are Change (Colorado) filmmaker named Jonathan Elinoff... who had heard Project Constellation ( ) and insisted that regardless of my unpreparedness, that I let him ask me some questions on camera.

What came out of that insistence, is something which will help you see behind the myths of 9/11, straight through to the corporations, politicians, and dirty executives behind the coordination, planning, perpetration, and profiteering from the worst Terrorist Attack ever to happen in America.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble downloading; this interview can be found here:

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