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The Peace Revolution Podcast (Archive Stream 2006-Present)

Produced by Tragedy and Hope: Your Launchpad for Learning

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Before You Use the Contact Form, Let Me Set Your Expectations:

Family and professional obligations, as well as the sheer number of inquiries I receive, make it virtually impossible to reply to comments, but I do my best to read them all.

Please understand that with a toddler running around, on top of balancing webmastering, design, planning, production, and publication of my various projects, at this point it is practically impossible for me to answer questions, or to offer critiques of articles people send me - though I have done my best over the years to to do so and keep up with the inflow of inquiries as best as I could.

I would love to help, but something has to give. After 10 years, no one can question my devotion to the cause, but even I need to have time off at the end of the day.

I can answer the hundreds of emails I receive asking questions about history and critical thinking, where to find certain topics in the podcast, and many other interesting subjects... or I can spend a few minutes of time with my family.

It really comes down to that.

If you do have questions on history or critical thinking, I answer questions in our Tragedy and Hope online research community, where (in addition to our top-notch content) you’ll have access not just to me but also to quite a few other knowledgeable conscious human beings likewise in the process of answering their list of questions about the world.

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