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The Peace Revolution Podcast (Archive Stream 2006-Present)

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Dec 24, 2010

The Book Discussed: The Lost Science of Money / The Mythology of Money - The Story of Power by Stephen Zarlenga

Stephen Zarlenga is the founder of the American Monetary Institute (AMI) - the leading American monetary think tank for monetary history, theory and reform (and he's also the author of the American Monetary Act, submitted to congress by Dennis Kucinich in March of this year).

Jan Irvin (author and host of the GnosticMedia podcast) conducted four detailed interviews with Zarlenga...

Episode #041: "Money's Dirty Little Secret: an interview with Stephen Zarlenga" part 1

Episode #057: "Why Gold & Silver are NOT the Answer" - an interview with Stephen Zarlenga, part 2

Episode #067: "A Response to the Austrian School: an interview with Stephen Zarle... part 3

Episode #088: "Silver & Gold" - an update with Stephen Zarlenga, part 4

This podcast features:

Brett Veinotte, Host of the School Sucks Podcast

Jan Irvin, Host of the Gnostic Media Podcast

Paul Verge, Writer/Director/Producer, Divergent Films Canada

Richard Grove, Tragedy and Hope dot com