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Oct 6, 2015

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Peace Revolution episode 090: Habits of Freedom / Personal Protection & Defense

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Reference Map & Links to Episode 090

 1. (0m-1m) Disclaimer

2. (1m-2m) Bruce Lee 1971 Interview it hits all by itself

3. (2m-2m30s) Joe Rogan Experience /Bullying with Bryan Callen

4. (2m30s-3m) Bruce Lee 1971 Interview Keep on Flowing

5. (3m-6m) Joe Rogan on childhood bullies

6. (6m-7m) Bruce Lee 1971 Interview be like water

7. (7m-21m) The Divine Right of Self Defense – Mike Adams Documentary

8. (21m-25m) Joe Rogan speaks on untrained people vs martial artists inspirational

9. (25m-27m) Bruce Lee 1971 Interview defining martial arts

10.  (27m-30m) Joe Rogan on Tae Kwon Do

11.  (30m-32m) Lee Morrison Interview

12.  (32m-41m) Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Philosophy) by Rener Gracie

13.  (41m-48m) The Opposite of Courage is conformity Rickson Gracie with Joe Rogan

14.  (48m-52m) Tips for your first street fight

15.  (52m-1h) Bas Rutten Rogan fake martial arts with Joe Rogan

16.  (1h-1h4m) Fightstoppers: Lee Morrison’s go-to technique

17.  (1h4m-1h10m) How to Defeat multiple opponents with Rener Gracie

18.  (1h10m-1h14m) Lee Morrison Interview

19.  (1h14m-1h19m) Kelly McCann Interview

20.  (1h19m-1h22m) Bas Rutten Rogan fake martial arts with Joe Rogan

21.  (1h22m-1h25m) James DeMile on his teacher, Bruce Lee’s Fighting Ability

22.  (1h25m-1h28m) Kelly McCann Interview

23.  (1h28m-1h34m) Joe Rogan on self-defense and fake martial arts techniques (w/ Rupert Sheldrake)

24.  (1h34m-1h38m) Counter-Grappling with Lee Morrison

25.  (1h38m-1h44m) De-Escalation and Boundary Setting Techniques

26.  (1h44m-1h48m) The Universal Misunderstanding with Ryon Gracie

27.  (1h48m-1h54m) Joe Rogan tells Tait Fletcher story to Bert Kreisher

  1. Clint Eastwood Gran Torino Quote

28.  (1h54m-1h58m)The Universal Misunderstanding with Ryon Gracie

29.  (1h58m-1h59m) About Combat with Kelly McCann


  1. Teespring “FREEDOM IS LEARNED” T-Shirts
  2. Future of Freedom documentary interview playlist
  3. Combatives playlist (Physical Self-Protection & Defense)

31.  (2h49m-4h45m) Ben Johnson Discussion on Self-Reliance and Personal Protection

32.  (4h45m-6h15m) Eddie Bravo on Joe Rogan Experience #478

33.  (6h15m-6h47m) Rickson Gracie Interview (30min)

34.  (6h47m-7h17m) Tait Fletcher on Joe Rogan Experience #361

35.  (7h17m-7h55m) How to Defeat multiple opponents with Rener Gracie  (Gracie Breakdown)

36.  (7h55m-8h11m) The Universal Misunderstanding with Ryon Gracie  (Gracie Philosophy)

37.  (8h11m-9h) Overcoming the Ego (Richard Grannon)

38.  (9h-9h42m) Street Fight Tutorial (Richard Grannon)

39.  (9h42m-10h36m) Kevin Secours Combat Systema interview on Pramek Radio Podcast

40.  (10h36m-11h33m) About Combat with Kelly McCann

41.  (11h33m-11h51m) Kelly McCann Interview

42.  (11h51m-12h24m) Lee Morrison Interview

43.  (12h24m-13h01m) Lee Morrison / Urban Combatives in Russia


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