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Jan 13, 2016

Peace Revolution episode 091: Pax Americana / Manufacturing Terrorism from Operation Cyclone to ISIS


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Reference Map to episode 091

  1. Tony Benn 1992 speech on the 1991 Iraq War
  2. RT – U.S. is top exporter (with the UK) of world’s weapons
  3. Charlie Rose with Assad – why America really hates him
  4. Hillary admits the CIA funded Al Qaeda
  5. Nancy Reagan “just say no.” propaganda campaign
  6. Sample_Afghan Heroin pays for military occupation
  7. Sample_intro to BCCI scandal
  8. CIA operation cyclone in Afghanistan
  9. Sample BCCI NBC News
  10. U.S. Marines guard Afghan Poppy Fields w/ Geraldo Rivera
  11. Sample BCCI bank of England from the BCCI investigation (featured later)
  12. Operation Cyclone featuring Brzezinski by James Corbett (orig. from “Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist)
  13. Sample 1 Charlie Rose, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, & Brent Scowcroft
  14. Afghanistan unravels as Obama bombs hospital / corruption at the top
  15. Hillary vs GOP (all the same line of rhetoric) via Aaron and Melissa Dykes at TruthStreamMedia
  16. Hillary “What difference does it make?”
  17. Hillary exposed via infowars
  18. Study shows Conspiracy theory losing insult power via the New World Next Week (Corbett/Pilato)
  19. FBI Agent John Anticev speaking with Emad Salem re: WTC 1993 bombing
  20. David Ray Griffin describing PNAC, courtesy of Joe Plummer’s research at
  21. Sample_Saddam and Empire PNAC
  22. Reality Check / U.S. and Britain created Al Qaeda by Ben Swann
  23. (1h20m-1h40m) RG Introductory Monologue
    3. John Murray Forbes in the History Blueprint
    4. Brent Scowcroft in the History Blueprint
    5. Dope, Inc. in the History Blueprint
  24. (1h45-2h15m) Mark Lombardi described by Patricia Goldstone in her book “Interlocked”
  25. (2h15m-2h45m) Professor Paul Zarembka interview
  26. (2h45m-3h45m) Professor Paul Zarembka’s presentation on 9-11 incongruences 
  27. (3h45m-4h55m) CIA 9-11 papertrail with Peter Dale Scott
  28. (4h55m-5h50m) Political Assassinations Revealed /Church Committee presentation
  29. (5h50m-6h35m) Greatest Mysteries of Soviet War documentary
  30. (6h35m-7h30m) CIA operative John Stockwell describes Operation Cyclone
  31. (7h30m-10h30m) BCCI bank fraud investigation led by John Forbes Kerry
  32. (10h30m-11h15m) Tower Committee irregularities by Dave Emory and Nip Tuck
  33. (11h15m-12h15m) 9-11 trillions by James Corbett
  34. (12h15m-13h40m) Firefighters AE 9-11
  35. (13h40m-15h) Rebekah Roth 9-11
  36. (15h-15h45m) Charlie Rose, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, & Brent Scowcroft
  37. (15h45m-17h30m) Brzezinski CSIS Q&A


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