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Jan 27, 2013

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(0m-1m) Armed 11 year old girl defends home

(1m-7m) Australia’s disarmament

(7m-9m) Gun Control Biden Executive Orders

(9m-10m) Beavis and Butthead: Drones

(10m-12m) Demand a Plan propaganda ad featuring celebrities who make millions of dollars from violent films

(12m-13m) 15-year old boy protects sister with Assault Rifle, defends against home invasion

(13m-14m) Rand Paul on King Obama

(14m-16m) Mom asks for permission to shoot intruder

(16m-18m) Britain’s disarmament

(18m-20m) Sample: Constitutional Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat analyzing 9-11 and the process of destroying America from within through a False Fear Syndrome

(20m-25m) Jesse Ventura v. Piers Morgan

(25m-30m) Georgia mother shoots home invader

(30m-32m) Ted Nugent v. Piers Morgan

(32m-40m) Suzanna Hupp: The Meaning of the 2nd Amendment & Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Gun Control

(40m-42m) What gun control in America will look like

(42m-48m) NRA now an extremist group MSNBC / Brzezinski and Scarborough

(48m-51m) Film sample: “No Guns for Negroes” (History of Gun Laws as Racism)

(51m-53m) Attorney General Eric Holder gets caught on Fast and Furious

(53m-56m) Attorney General Eric Holder uses Fast and Furious to push gun control

(56m-59m) Napolitano on prosecuting Attorney General Eric Holder

(59m-1h2m) Arizona Sheriff explains fast and furious to Anderson Cooper

(1h2m-1h11m) Founding Fathers Battle Gun Grabbers from the Grave by InfoWars

(1h11m-1h12m) Madeline Albright defends mass murder of Iraqi children

(1h12m-1h17m) Gun Controllers are total hypocrites infowars report

(1h17m-1h18m) His Royal Virus Prince Philip

(1h18m-1h19m) Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy (& Prince Philips penchant for killing sprees)

(1h19m-1h25m) Amidst the Noise: Choose your own crime stats from the facts

(1h25m-1h29m) Feinstein: Special Citizens Exempt from Gun Control Bill


(1h29m-1h52m) Richard’s introductory monologue

Arundhati Roy

Come September Speech

“We” a geopolitical documentary art project using the “Come September” speech by Arundhati Roy (excellent!)

Cut from the monologue due to time contstraints:

CIA Document 1035-960 “Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report”

JFK: The Book of the Film: The Documented Screenplay page 100

Eugenics masked as Mental Health (see Piers Morgan’s 3rd in his manifesto)

SSRI’s involved in Violent Crimes involved in nearly 100 School Shootings


The Main Event & Analysis

(1h52m-1h55m) Ben Swann: Reality Check post Colorado Batman Massacre

(1h55m-1h57m) Piers Morgan phone hacking MSNBC (December 2012)

(1h57m-2h09m) Piers Morgan v. Larry Pratt

(2h09m-2h12m) Piers Morgan testifying in phone hacking scandal

(2h12m-2h17m) Piers Morgan v. Ben Shapiro

(2h17m-2h18m) Piers Morgan featured in Hugh Grant’s Taking on the Tabloids

(2h18m-2h32m) Piers Morgan v. Alex Jones

(2h32m-2h36m) Ben Swann: Reality Check for Piers Morgan

(2h36m-2h28m) Piers Morgan and guests call for shooting Alex Jones

(2h38m-2h43m) Ben Swann: Full Disclosure CO, WI, CT shootings

(2h43m-2h48m) John Stewart & Daily Show lampoons facts for fiction to address gun control issue

(2h48m-3h19m) Constitutional Law Professor calls out Alan Dershowitz for supporting Torture

History of Elite Plans

(3h19m-3h38m) Constitutional Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat analyzing 9-11 and the process of destroying America from within through a False Fear Syndrome

(3h38m-4h08m) Polish Refugee Warns of Communism Taking Over America

(4h08-4h42m) Alex Jones: Blueprint of Madmen

(4h42m-4h48m) Bill Cooper: UN Disarmament Agenda since 1961

(4h48m-5h32m) History of U.N. Disarmament in America with Bob Dacy and Alex Jones

(5h31m-5h43m) U.N. gun grab treaty seeks to disarm America and Kill 2nd Amendment

(5h43-6h37m) Webster Tarpley: The Elites’ Plan for Global Extermination

(6h37m-6h53m) Film: “No Guns for Negroes” (History of Gun Laws as Racism)

(6h53m-7h54m) Larken Rose: The Government Con on Red Ice Radio

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