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9/11 SYNCHRONICITY Episode 021: Civics: Rights, Privileges, and the Privileged Right

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1.      Wu-Tang Clan: Jordan Maxwell

2.      The Great Debaters: preview of film

3.      Pledge of Allegiance by John Wayne

4.      Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton

5.      Christian comedian Rich Praytor, Pledge of Allegiance

6.      History of the Pledge by Rex Curry

7.      Real Time with Bill Maher, feat. Richard Dreyfus, Tom Morello and  Dana Priest

8.      CFR, David Rockefeller and VP Dick Cheney admission as being CFR Director

9.      Bush at press conference mentions World War III

10.  Dick Cheney on Larry Kudlow show, refers to "Cousin Barak"

11.  Sen. Barak Obama on Tavis Smiley referring to Cousin Cheney

12.  Congressman Ron Paul debate question, disagrees with "9/11 Truthers"

13.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich debate question, impeachment and stand up for Constitution

14.  Ralph Nader on Civics

15.  George Carlin on America and it's owners

9/11 Synchronicity Intro "Space Man"


16.  Naomi Wolf speech October 11, 2007 "The End of America�?

17.  Michael Badnarik Constitution Class "Rights and Privileges"

18.  Bob Marley "Get Up, Stand Up."

19.  Michael Badnarik Continues

20.  Preamble from "Andy Griffith Show"

21.  Michael Badnarik Continues

22.  BlimpTV.net  "New Bush Coins"

23.  Henry Rollins "Letter to Laura Bush" (raiders theme added by rg)

24.  Clip of Jim Morrison '...before the whole shithouse goes up in flames"

25.  The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis by Bill Moyers (Iran/Contra)

26.  Dan Rather George Bush Iran/Contra Interview Jan. 25, 1988

27.  BlimpTV.net "Rather Ratings"

28.  Peter Dale Scott, Cheney and Rumsfeld suspension of Constitution

29.   "Shadow Government" - They Might Be Giants

30.  "Kill The Messenger," a film about Sibel Edmonds

31.  Dr. William Pepper speech Nov. 03, 2007 West Hartford, CT.  Talks about infiltration in 9/11 Movements.

32.  Ralph Nader on Impeachment and war with Iran

33.  Rep. Robert Wexler on Impeachment

34.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Impeachment

35.  Congress Ron Paul "Patriotism" speech in Congress



36.   "Redemption Song" Bob Marley

37.  Michael Badnarik - "this is your Constitution"

38.  The National Anthem sung by Marvin "Badass" Gaye

39.  Jordan Maxwell: Words Law and Commerce

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