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Peace Revolution episode 077: The Rise of the Surveillance State / Freedom isn't Free

Peace Revolution episode 077

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Reference Map to Episode 077

(0m-4m) “Stop Watching Us” Public Service Announcement

(4m-6m) Ron Paul, 1994 speech to Congress on the rapid growth and misuse of the Surveillance State

(6m-20m) Walter Cronkite, World Federalist Society juxtaposed to globalism, spying & war on terrorism

(20m-35m) Richard’s introductory monologue

(Book) The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror by Trevor Aaronson

(35m-1h50m) History… So It Doesn’t Repeat: The Origins of U.S. Intelligence and Why It Spies on Americans

(1h50m-2h50m) Corbett Report: Who Was Really Behind the 9-11 Attacks?

(2h50m-3h45m) Jon Rappoport interviewed on Red Ice Radio “The Surveillance State”

(3h45m-4h55m) Gen. Albert Stubblebine interviewed on Gnostic Media

(4h55m-5h25m) Corbett Report: Learn History with Philip Zelikow

(5h25m-6h30m) Philip Shenon: Inside the 9-11 Commission Investigation

(6h30m-7h) Defense Against the Psychopath by Stefan Verstappen

(7h-7h7m) The Psychology of Authority

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