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Peace Revolution episode 015: Compassionate Communication / How to Mitigate Conflict in our Thoughts

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Project Constellation / Connect the Dots, See the Big Picture (2006) by Richard Grove

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Peace Revolution episode 014: The Premiere of DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Mitch Schultz

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The official site for DMT: The Spirit Molecule (www.TheSpiritMolecule.com)

Dr. Rick Strassman's site (www.RickStrassman.com)

Allyson and Alex Grey (www.CoSM.org & www.AlexGrey.com)

TOOL's posting of this film on Dec. 1 (www.TOOLband.com)

Gnostic Media's Interviews of Mitch, Rick, Allyson and Alex,Dr. David Nichols, and MORE

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