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Tragedy and Hope: Countdown to Publication This is a test of a new podcast video codec to improve the quality of our productions; the content is from the December 10, 2008 segment of "Another Point of You", co-hosted by Meria Heller.

The latest on Tragedy and Hope (our new interactive multimedia magazine being launched in early 2009) is found from 35:00 to the end of the show.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tragedy and Hope's first subscription holders:

1. Rick Malchow, Phoenix AZ
2. Chris Paine, Austin TX
3. Jonathan Payne, Tampa FL
4. Mark Edward, Switzerland

(and we don't even have a subscription link up yet... so our hats off to these pioneering subscribers!)

If you would like to subscribe, send an email to donations@8thestate.com; we'll have TragedyAndHope.com up just after Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


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