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Peace Revolution episode 086: Common Sense for the 21st Century

Peace Revolution episode 086: Common Sense for the 21st Century


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Reference Map to Episode 086


(1m-8m) Former SAS soldier Ben Griffin at Oxford Union


(8m-11m) Sample From: Thomas Paine - Christopher Hitchens Lecture (Full)


(11m-14m) Sample from (Wikipedia) Professor Andrew Galambos


(14m-17m) Thomas Paine: The Most Valuable Englishman Ever


(17m-29m) Samples from Andrew Galambos


(29m-40m) Attorney General Eric Holder and the Divine Right of Criminals


(40m-1h20m) Samples from Andrwew Galambos


(1h20m-1h31m) Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)


(1h31m-1h37m) Samples from Andrew Galambos


(1h37m-1h50m) Richard’s introductory monologue


(1h50m-2h55m) Lecture 1


(2h55m-4h52m) Lecture 2


(4h52m-8h) Lecture 3


(8h-9h27m) Thomas Paine: The Most Valuable Englishman Ever


(9h27m-11h40m) Common Sense Audiobook by Thomas Paine (February 4, 1776)


(11h40m- 12h40m) Thomas Paine - Christopher Hitchens Lecture (Full)


(12h40m-15h45m) FREEDOM by Adam Kokesh


(15h45m-15h48m) God Save Great Thomas Paine (to the tune of My Country Tis of Thee)


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