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9/11 SYNCHRONICITY: Another Point of You Episode 001

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Debut of “Another Point of You" co-host Richard Grove

2/13/08 Today is the debut of the new segment “Another Point of You�? with Meria and her co-host Richard Grove of 8thestate Media. Richard thanks all of you for your notes and support! 9/11 syncronicity; engaging with the philosophy out there; cartel capitalism; global warming vs. extinction; global warming or global governance (google it); hemp as the answer; junk content on airways, junk food in our bodies; google “Hacking Democracy�?; Ron Paul - what’s the deal? No.Amer. Union currency; Renaissance Interventures Memorandum; Is happiness bad? Jordan Maxwell’s work; Google “Hijacking Humanity“; Check out the Canadians doing great work at www.thinkfree.ca; Our “justice�? system; Cheney/Obama bloodline; no role models; Phillip Tourney -USS Liberty; we haven’t been electing our leaders; Cliff Curtiss (archives) Collier Brothers (archive Victoria Collier); “Empire of the City�? -google it; develop your spiritual muscle; control of religion; spirituality = freedom and much more.

Click the link below to download this 1 hour debut episode- Enjoy!
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