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9/11 SYNCHRONICITY: Another Point of You Episode 002

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Another Point of You - With Meria & Richard Grove

3/18/08 Meria & Co-Host Richard Grove will fascinate you today - Hear “A Peaceful Solution? by Willie Nelson; The Emperor Wears No Clothes; Spitzer & his alleged investigation of 9/11/01; Spitzer and his “investigation? of AIG for fraud, Marsh/McLennan & Kroll; Who funded Spitzer? Lucky Larry & Jerome Hauer; Who did Spitzer AND his wife work for? Skadden Arps; who backs Barack Obama? No real elections or investigations; Bremer & Kissinger; Cover up of 9/11 helped the post 9/11 world in Amerika; Whole market is contrived; Record war/oil profiteering ; Run From the Cure (you tube) Hemp Oil and cancer; Smedley Butler - hero; Essiac; the Medical industrial complex; prohibition of hemp - why? Power of love vs. the love of power; living in PG 13 reality; the founders knowledge of secret societies; NSA & ATT- One company; stocks of prisons for profit are way up; Hutto- America’s Family Prison (you tube), check out www. PeaceRevolution.org

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